Recycling has been a way of life for many years in most Asian countries.
As you will see in the art work below.
Patravali, also known as Pattal, Vistaraku, Vistar or Khali, are eating plates, bowls, made with broad leaves in India and Nepal. It is mainly made from sal leaves. It is also made from banyan and banana tree leaves as well. Mostly put together by women ( widows) of a lower caste. These plates are very popular as they are disposable & go back to nature.
Just like tea cups made of clay used and then recycled to mother earth.
Collectors go from house to house to buy old news papers, glass bottles, scrap iron, batteries etc, You name it. There is always a buyer for things one does not need. Till the 80’s, all Japanese cars were made from scrap steel from other
Asian countries.
Statues of God & Goddesses too are ‘reincarnated’ for each year’s festival where they are made from the river clay and later re emersed into the river.  This give the clay a new purpose for various other products.
In many villages cow dung is dried and used as fuel for cooking, the toy cow on display is made of cowdung !
Children’s toys, dolls etc. too are made from recycled waste textile.
As the art below depicts, plates, bowls and tea cups are all an ode to the world of recycling. Thank you for watching.
Ramesh Singh
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W.G. Kunst
About me  : Born in Kolkata India, studied electrical engineering
                    and finally became a ‘documentary maker’ under the
                    guidence of Bert Haanstra and Han van Gelder, both very
                    famous Dutch cineast.
                    After retiring and during my life time, I have been an art lover
                    and this has remained so till today.