Afstudeertentoonstelling studenten Design afdeling Sandberg Instituut
tentoonstellingsperiode 9 t/m 11 juni 2023
0peningstijden vrijdag 9, zaterdag 10  en zondag 11 juni van 11.00-21.00
WG Kunst, Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28, 1054 SP Amsterdam

Join us for Soft Focus, the Design Departments’ graduation exhibition and public program, which includes performances, readings and events.
Soft Focus will take the form of a dense and immersive ensemble, providing insight into the artists’ and designers’ individual and interrelated practices developed over the course of the last two years.

Zooming in and zooming out, a space unfolds in front of our eyes. It turns out to be a landscape, lined with way markers each pointing into a different direction. Following its multiple crossroads, the walls, doors and spaces in between objects often tell us more than the objects themselves. Navigating our ways of looking, we end up in private interiors, abandoned halls and sometimes we are outside, in a crowd swallowing our geographies. When the clear shapes of a room disappear, they open up a space to listen to histories, memories and imaginations. This is when the tones of the voices tell us more than words. Not in need of a map, we continue to move forwards and backwards at the same time.

With Works by: Akash Sheshadri, Antonija Vuletic, Emir Timur Tokdemir, Jonathan Castro, Katherina Gorodynska, Rudi van Delden, Sean O Riordan, Tharim Cornelisse.