Untitled, (3 recycled ideas)


ink, wall paint, wood, tape, screws and cardboard variable dimensions niet te koop

Affirmations concerning the work: “I don’t want to know exactly what I’m doing. I’m not interested in succeeding, I’m interested in engaging with my curiosities and doubts while exhibiting the work. I want to blur and nullify what’s inside and what’s outside. I want to engage with contrast. I want to expand the reach and area of an initial idea given to me. I don’t want to attach value or the idea of hierarchy to items or materials. I’m interested in recycling, in everyday materials, in cheap or free materials that one can find in the streets. However, I have no problems with the opposite either. I don’t see things in a black-and-white way, I’m not extremist or necessarily romantic concerning ideas. I want to risk; I’m open to letting things go. I don’t want to attach or differentiate value between finished and unfinished. I want to witness decay within my own work, I don’t want to shelter the work.” Pedro’s work encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, music, performance, and installation. His defining characteristic is the ability to combine different mark-making styles and techniques on the same surface to create contrasting compositions in which camouflaged cartoonish characters share space with awkwardly juxtaposed brushstrokes and geometries. Combining visual -two and three-dimensional- work with sound -music, and performance-, he carries a similar sensibility and vibrancy, furthermore characterized by his playful and improvisational approach to both art and music. In the past year, Pedro has started an exploration of the polyhedric meanings of brick walls that encompasses their conceptual relevance as well as their omnipresence in his personal life from both his homeland Brazil and the Netherlands. This long-standing artistic research has ultimately inspired his bachelor’s thesis and his graduation project ‘Construção’, a result of his Fine Arts studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the project was nominated for the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2022 and the Lakeside Collection Award 2022.