About the work

Who is there next to us?
This work, “New Harmony”, is a combination of tiny paintings.
The images of animal icons were selected by a social networking service.
Iʼm wondering why the person chose the animal one.
It is said that the word icon came from old Icon paintings of Christ and Saints.
Nowadays, we spend a lot of time looking at smartphones.
It seems to be an important ritual in our daily lives.
This exhibition holds in the neighborhood, not in a gallery or museum.
This is related to two important concepts of my work.
One is that it focuses on the identity of the individual in society.
Secondly, it is about the connections between people.
Shall we look around our neighbors right now?
Today leads to the future.

Artist information
Junya Sato

Born in 1977, Japan
Lives and works in Amsterdam.
In my work as an artist, I focus on the reality and ambiguity of our perception and experience of images in the world.
Images and we interact with each other constantly. For some reason we find it hard to discern lies and sometimes willingly accept them.
We produce information, but information also shapes us, and society.
Through my paintings, I examine the possibilities of recognising images and reality, integrating humour and conceptual techniques.